This June 27th through 30th 2019 reunion serves to reconnect fellow RAF Alconbury High School classmates regardless of if you actually graduated from AHS and no matter what year you you attended. 

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Some special Dragons have taken on the feat of putting together a reunion for classmates that went to Alconbury High School at the Royal Air Force Alconbury in England, United Kingdom.

Big thanks to the reunion Hosts: Colette F., Annette F., Michelle F. and Cheryl W. for taking the initiative to organize event!

Military dependent life

Join us!

About Us... It's a Dragon Family Thing

Maybe you're too far away or unable to make this reunion, but still want to feel like you're a part of it? Check out the swag for sale that commemorates your time spent at RAF Alconbury and support the reunion.

Know that 100% of profits will go towards making this an unforgettable event!

June 27-30th All Classes reunion in washington DC

Growing up as a military dependent can be a lot tougher than most know. However, sometimes it works out and we are granted amazing experiences that civilian kids can't even comprehend. 

Want a complicated answer? Simply ask an adult that grew up with an active duty sponsor where they are from...